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Songs - The Last Reqiuem

The Last Reqiuem 24:15

Music & lyrics composed by Wolfgang Vollmuth, 1982
"ARMAGEDDON" composed by Stefan Roessmann, 1982
Arranged and recorded by Amenophis, 1983

In distant future times
When the sun is cold life freeze to death
Thousand ships are leaving the earth
With the rest of the human race

Travelling round the Universe
Sunwind is in front of us
The greatest ship I'd ever seen
Showing us the way

And many centuries passing by
We don't know where we're flying to
The Last Requiem is our solemn night
That reveals the human's truth

The flight between the stars
Is not a mode of fantasy
Captured in an iron casket
Six letters on the lid

Now the time has come
To realize our very life
Far away from Mother Earth
Far away from God

Alone through space and time
Million suns are hurrying by
Ten thousand light-years from home

Captured in the scene of light
Precious moments we decide
To pray for God this night

The Last Requiem tells of our life
Tells of a star we will find

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