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Songs - The Flower

The Flower 7:31

Music & lyrics composed by Wolfgang Vollmuth, 1980
Arranged and recorded by Amenophis, 1983

Holding my cheek on her high-light green stem
Pressing and fumbling my fingers on them
I look into the Flower to see some colours of
Yellow and green rows coming from behind

Just there was a long way leading into the heyday
A golden fence surround the garden of mystery
Take me away from here
Take me away from now
Take me away to tomorrow
Take me away

Seven o'clock in the early morning
I open up my door
Small and helpless she's lying here
The Flower on the floor

Dark was the sky but the Flower was full of life
Cold was the winter but she was still alive
I'd never saw such kind of flower
I'd never felt so good
She's taken me away from here
She's taken me to you

Cold breath in the air
Snowcovered "Take care!"
Said the owl to the Flower

In the distance I hear
The April wind coming over the mountain
To you to me

Feeling it's time to go
Sometime in May or June
Discovering the entrance now
The entrance of a dying bloom

Wearness in your eyes
The death won't be the price
Look out the moon will rise
His same old way
Watch out! Watch out!

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